Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thank you for the password recovery service. It helps us to save all the important data. Thank once agian.I was very sceptical at first but tried through desperation and fearof losing months of emails but it worked great....thanks so much! A lot of software applications allow users to protect their files with passwords. Passwords you use to secure data can be forgotten or lost. How to unlock your file if you forgot or lost password?
LastBit Software offers you effective password recovery software. Using it you can easy and fast solve problems with forgotten and lost passwords. We launched first password recovery application in 1997. We were the first who developed password recovery tools for Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Since 1997 we developed a lot of password recovery solutions for most popular applications.
LastBit software was the first who provided such unique password recovery method that guaranteed successful password recovery regardless of password length.
All LastBit Software password recovery modules (excepting FTP Password) are included into Software MegaPack. Buy MegaPack and get all these modules for a special price

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