Wednesday, April 1, 2009


kip to main skip to sidebar DOWNLOAD Here you can get solutions for your problems. you can get many rare softwares here,am here to create HACKING awareness among people... YOUR QUERIES AND SUGGESTIONS ARE OUR ASSETS..
Showing posts with label MAKE VIRUS. Show all posts Showing posts with label MAKE VIRUS. Show all postsSunday, July 29, 2007Make virus and Crash ur Enemy's PC WormGenWormGen , as its name describe,its a Worm Generator.Use this tool to creat a Worm.Use your custom messages and infections for lammers.Click the download link below to download it. Remember to disable your anti virus software (at your pc).Otherwise your antivirus would`nt allow to use it.
Worm Gen 2.0Its also Worm Generator ,its verision 2.0,updated. Try it.
VB SwgVB Swg, a Visual Basic tool to creat .vb Viruses.Great tool.
PC FormatIts a mini tool with wich you can Format victim`s PC by conecting to his pc via IP Address.
Rocket V.1Rocket is a virus that can disconnect Victim PC (dialup only). View the READ ME file before using and configure your modem setting to aviod dissconection by this software at your own pc.
Norton KillerHere is software that disables victim`s anti virus if its Norton AV.Useful for those who are trying to send Trojans to the victim, send this file to the victim before sending a Trojan so your Trojan will not be detected.