Thursday, March 26, 2009


MSN Hacking software - MSN Freezer is used to freeze or temporarily hang out victim account. MSN Freezer constantly implements denial of service attack. In this attack, wrong msn userid and msn password is entered by msn freezer. Due to this, after certain number of wrong login attempts, victim msn account is freezed or blocked and thus his msn messenger account hacked.Hack MSN Messenger by MSN Freezer :
1. Download MSN messenger hacking software MSN Freezer.
2. Unzip MSN Freezer file and then you will see like this :

3. Now, simply enter email addresses and hit "Freeze".
4. MSN Freezer will start attack to freeze and hack msn account.
5. Thus, MSN messenger account freezed.
6. If you want to stop MSN Freezer, just hit "Defreeze". Sometimes, due to constant wrong login attempts, your IP may be blocked. Due to this, msn account is freezed temporarily.
So guys, use this MSN Freezer to hack friend's msn messenger account. I have tried to keep this msn hacking tutorial simple. If you have any problem in using msn freezer to hack msn messenger account, please mention in comments section.
Enjoy Hacking.....

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